Friday, March 23, 2012

Down the Lane

There is a lane next to our house that twists and turns and eventually comes out at Lạch Tray - the main road that VAIE is on. It is a short-cut. I didn't get around to printing off family photos for my wall before I left home, so I burned a disc of my favourite pics and headed for a print shop next door to Meagan's (a restaurant popular with foreign teachers near VAIE that is now also doubling as a language school). This time I had my camera out...

I just find it all fascinating.

In about 10 minutes you come out on Lạch Tray. See that cart-thingy parked in the middle of the road? There is a complete little street-food restaurant piled onto it - kitchen, tables, food... the lot.

I had my photos printed off here at this print shop - a fairly hit of miss affair...

But no complaints from me ... now I am surrounded by my loved ones. As I was putting up the photos from our camping weekend at Buccarumbi I was amazed to realise that was only two weeks ago! ... Feels like another time, another place!
Here are some of those family photos...
 Bailey and Jordan
   Caelyn and Greg
The Knights ... Lockie, Tyler, Bailey, Katie and Jordan

The Ropes ... Greg, Gemma and Caelyn

... and all of us!


I walked down the lane again on my way to work at 6pm and it was even more interesting for there were a lot of people about. To my delight, I ran into Tuất,  one of the ladies who hijacked me at a funeral last year!  I couldn't stop and visit this time, but I will drop by so we can catch up (with no common language....). She was very keen to invite me home again.

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