Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabulousness with frustrations

FRIDAY 18th November       COFFS HARBOUR

First, the fabulousness. I've been home for 16 days. In that time I've been out catching up with friends 14 times, to church 3 times, shopping for groceries 5 times, to the beach 3 times and to the swimming pool once, to centrelink looking for a job 4 times.... the rest of my time is spent playing with my grandchildren and generally doing life with my precious family.  In the midst of all that activity I spent at least 20 hours working on my blog, uploading photos and videos... and that was just for the first 2 days of travelling with Katie... Then last night a bogus email hit my computer and I lost all of that blog entry AAAARGH!!! ... (that was the frustration)

So today is back on track for fabulousnes. Katie and I walked Jordan to school (that chalks up an hour's exercise). At 11 I'm meeting a lady I met the other day who is keen to find out more about teaching English in Vietnam, and at 12 an old friend is passing through Coffs and we'll catch up for lunch.

I wanted to upload some photos... got side tracked, and now it's Sunday afternoon and the girls are nagging me to take them to the beach for a swim...

So here's a quick couple
Katie, Lockie, Bailey, Jordan and me when we finally got to Brisbane

At last! Cuddles with Caelyn...
and going to the beach.

Caelyn and Bailey

My grand-daughters in my bedroom

Gemma, Caelyn and Greg.


Lockie and Tyler

Bailey, Katie and Jordan on the merry-go-round at the carnival.

Worn out after the jumping castle!

My gorgeous mother - Nancy Page, 91!

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